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Caframo "Pali" Engine Compartment Heater

Product Description

Start the boating season earlier and end later by protecting against sudden cold snaps. Comes on when it's needed and turns off when it's not. Dual airflow redundancy: Two fans are used for added security in case of a single fan failure.
Omnidirectional airflow discharge: Better thermal mixing of air results in more uniform heating throughout the compartment. Ensures the coldest locations in compartment components do not drop below zero.
2-Year warranty.

The use of Pali is not a substitute for properly winterizing your boat.

  • Meets all ignition protection guidelines and standards (USCG, UL-1500)
  • Safe for use in engine compartments
  • Omnidirectional airflow discharge
  • Dual airflow redundancy
  • Safe thermostat temperature control: A hermetically sealed thermostat activates at 45°F (7°C)
  • Safe, self-regulated PTC element

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