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Over the many years in business, we have built a solid reputation in design, development and manufacturing of trawls and trawl accessories.  If you are looking to replace an existing trawl or try a new design, contact us first.  There are far but few trawls we have not manufactured, this rigging shop has rigged them all! 

“Did you know, in our history, over 1000 trawl nets were made?”

Trawl Nets are designed to customer specifications for:
-   Engine horse power
-    Reduction
-    Wheel
-  Size of vessel
-   Handling capabilities
-   Drag calculation

Rainbow specializes in taking your trawl to the next level with a Ground Fish separator that extends from the wings thru to the lengthening piece that is open to allow unwanted fish to escape back into the sea, providing the fisherman with more of the catch they want in the codend.  Typical Rainbow separator grid works with many species of fish.

Shrimp Nets
Ranges from 250 H/P = 2000 H/P (two or four panel design). Grid system & installation.   Most popular: #1054
Full Wing Flounder Trawls
For larger vessels 150 H/P = 1500 H/P
Try our new “ No Floats” Floatline using 2 1/4” DIA Floating Braided Line that helps reduce drag by 15%.

Bottom Trawls
-   Star Balloons 175 H/P = 1500 H/P
-    Safari trawl 170 H/P = 2000 H/P
-    Rockhopper nets 120 H/P = 1500 H/P
-    Flounder trawl nets
-    Scottish Seine nets
-    Danish Seine nets
-    Four panel (highlifts)
-    Two panel (low profile seine)
-    High definition