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Maradyne STOKER™ Heating Unit Replacement Parts

Product Description

Maradyne Heaters are designed with the marine environment in mind.
Ignition protected motors as well as RFI suppression means these electric motors will not interfere with other electrical components as well as sensitive electronics. Heater casings are glass filled nylon, providing 100% corrosion resistance. Balanced blower wheels extend motor life and allow for smooth and quiet operation. Maradyne heaters are mounted with 1/4"–20 nut inserts and mounting bolts. The 9" heaters feature a cooling duct built in the unit to direct cool air across the motor allowing the motor to run at a lower temperature thus increasing life expectancy. The 16" heaters feature a Counter Flow Core which produces 15% more BTUs.


Replacement Parts also fit Heater Craft Heaters 



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