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SPXFLOW Automatic Float Bilge Pump Switch

Product Description

Equip your bilge pump with a switch for the automatic operation of your pump. A switch will automatically activate the bilge pump when the water level rises in the bilge and deactivate the pump as the water level is lowered. Switches available are the top-of-the-line digital Ultima Switch, an Electro-Magnetic Float Switch and a traditional Float Switch; all Mercury-free.

For fully automatic bilge pumping operation, connect the AS888 Automatic Switch to your bilge pump. The Automatic Switch has a time-proven micro switch without mercury.

  • Limited 3 Year Warranty
  • When water exceeds the acceptable level, the pump is turned on by a rolling steel ball, which changes the pressure on the micro switch.
  • The AS888 attaches to any SPX FLOW Johnson Pump bilge pump through the clip on ”T-slot”
  • Can be used with 12, 24 or 32V systems
Part No. USA Description Max Amp.
26014 AS888 Automatic Float Switch 15 A



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