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Attwood Sahara 750 Automatic Bilge Pump

Product Description

An automatic-switch bilge pump is a requirement for any vessels 20’ and over with sleeping accommodations, but is a great convenience for any size boat. The Sahara has everything contained in one compact yet durable package – pump, wire seals, strainer, and mercury-free switch – and installs quickly and easily in tight spaces. Pumps include 36” lengths of 16-gauge caulked and tinned copper wire.

The S750 is sized for large recreational boats. It provides 750 GPH at open flow, 625 GPH at 3.3' head. This pump contains an internal environmentally safe mercury-free switch. The outlet is 3/4". It comes with a 36" length of 16 gauge caulked and tinned copper wire.

Model No. Rated Voltage Hose Size Wire/Connector Aftermarket Packaging*
S750 12-volt 3/4" I.D. 36" wire 4507-7

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