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Cobra® Pro 3000W Inverter With Remote

Product Description

Power Where You Need It

 Harness the power with the Cobra® Pro 3000W.  Power up your next pregame, add the convenience of home appliances on your next road trip, or even turn your car into a mobile office. The Cobra 3,000-Watt PRO Power Inverter turns your car battery into usable A/C household current. It is ideal for cross-country professional drivers, travelers, campers, RV enthusiasts, Boaters or for when a power outage occurs. Count on Cobra for power where you need it.

  • 6,000-Watt peak and 3,000-Watt continuous power for running electronics, entertainment devices, and kitchen/bath appliances
  • Pentagon protection provides 5 levels of protection against failures like thermal shutdown, reverse polarity, overvoltage, and more
  • Includes four 3-prong 120-Volt AC outlets ports so you can power multiple devices at the same time
  • Connects to car battery via provided direct-to-battery cables for use once vehicle is parked
  • Built-in GFCI protection turns off the inverter for your safety if it gets damp or wet
  • Low voltage alarm and low voltage cutoff protects battery from being over drained
  • 2 cooling fans keep inverter running at a safe temperature
  • Includes 1 fast charge USB-A port and 1 fast charge USB-C port for charging portable MP3 players, mobile phones, and game consoles
  • Includes two 4 ft. #4-gauge direct-to-battery cables, remote controller, mount clip, screw clips for flush mount, power cables, protection boots, and quick-start guide


On/Off Controller

Your Cobra Remote On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB is compatible with all  Cobra® PRO, PURESINE, and POWER Series power inverters. These inverters, when used with the Remote On/Off Controller, will support the Remote's Fast Charge and audible alarm features as well as turn the inverter ON when in OFF mode.


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