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Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay

Product Description

The ML-ACR (Automatic Charging Relay) and ML-RBS (Remote Battery Switch), when paired, offer complete battery management of large battery banks with the push of a button. In addition to automatically sharing the charge from an engine’s alternator between the start and auxiliary battery, the ML-ACR control switch provides momentary battery combining to assist with starting in the event of a low engine battery. Multiple remote battery switches can be easily connected to the ML-ACR with the optional Paralleling Link Bus for a complete remote battery management Subsystem.

  • 500 Amp magnetic latching (bi-stable) relay automatically combines batteries during charging and isolates batteries when discharging and when starting engine.
  •  Automatically manages the charging of two large battery banks and Allows paralleling of battery banks for emergency starting.
  • Magnetic Latch (ML) draws very low current (<40mA to monitor terminal voltage) in the "ON" or "OFF" states & draws moderate current for very short time when changing state
  • Senses charge on both battery banks
  • Start Isolation (SI)—can be configured for temporary isolation of House loads from Engine circuit during engine cranking to protect sensitive electronics
  • Engine Isolation (EI)—can be configured for isolation of two engines while both are running to protect engine electronics and maximize alternator output
  • LED output to remotely indicate when batteries are combined, isolated, in voltage lockout, or in Start or Engine isolation
  • 3/8" 16 tin-plated copper studs for max conductivity and corrosion resistance

Available in 12V & 24V


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