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Star Brite® Ultimate Pontoon Deck Cleaner

Product Description


Star brite® Ultimate Pontoon Deck Cleaner is engineered to quickly and easily clean and protect textured deck surfaces without heavy scrubbing. The special chelating agents loosen dirt, grime, and tough stains. Polymers bond to the cleaned surface to help prevent future stains and to provide a barrier against UV exposure that can cause fiberglass to become dry and weathered. Ultimate Pontoon Deck Cleaner works on all fiberglass and painted surfaces.


  • Unique chelating agents loosen and lift dirt and stains for easy removal without scrubbing
  • Safe for all decks, carpets and vinyl
  • Protective polymers help repel stains and UV rays
  • Lake-safe formula can be used on or near the water


Wet deck with fresh water. Squirt Ultimate Pontoon Deck Cleaner onto surface to be cleaned and use a soft brush to spread it evenly. Allow to work for 1-3 minutes before lightly scrubbing with a brush and then rinsing clean. Stubborn spots may require a repeated application with longer soak time and more vigorous scrubbing.


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