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Star Brite® Ultimate Aluminum Cleaner / Restorer

Product Description


Star Brite Ultimate Aluminum Cleaner & Restorer is engineered to bring back unpainted aluminum surfaces that have become dull or stained.

Unlike other “all surface” cleaners, this product is formulated specifically for use on aluminum and strips away grime, stains and oxidation without harming the metal.

Ultimate Aluminum Cleaner & Restorer is the best choice for quickly cleaning and improving the appearance of all aluminum pontoon boats, john boats, canoes and other unpainted aluminum surfaces that have lost their original luster.


  • Formulated to clean and restore stained or dull aluminum pontoon boats, boats and canoes
  • Use Ultimate Aluminum Polish as Step 2 when removing stains and restoring older boats
  • Convenient 64 fl. oz. size with sprayer for easy application


Because aluminum oxidizes unevenly, heavily crusted areas are more resistant to cleaning than lighter areas, so follow these steps for best results. Failure to follow instruction will result in an uneven, streaked, or patchy finish.

Star Brite Aluminum Cleaner & Restorer must; 

Before you begin, you will need acid resistant gloves, eye protection, Star Brite Ultimate Aluminum Cleaner & Restorer, a Star Brite medium scrubber pad (the red one), Star Brite Ultimate Aluminum Polish, several clean polishing cloths, and a hose with fresh water for rinsing.

Step 1.
To avoid creating drip marks, start at the bottom of the area to be cleaned and work upward, in small sections at a time. Generously apply Star brite Ultimate Aluminum Cleaner & Restorer to the surface in smooth, even strokes using the fine mist setting on the sprayer nozzle. The cleaner will foam when it contacts oxidation which indicates it is working.

Step 2.
Use a Star Brite medium red scrub pad to spread the cleaner to ensure uniform coverage. Then scrub evenly with steady pressure to allow the cleaner to penetrate into the heavier oxidized areas.

Step 3.
Rinse the cleaned surface thoroughly with fresh water. Be sure to rinse the surfaces below as well. DO NOT allow cleaner to dry on any surface.

Repeat these steps as needed until clean. Heavy oxidation may require several applications and scrubbing to completely remove. Note that the cleaned surface may still appear uneven until it is polished.



Next, restore the luster and shine with Star Brite Aluminum Polish - Sold separately

Allow the cleaned surface to dry.  Star Brite Aluminum Polish will neutralize any remaining acids and seal the aluminum with a protective coating and a more uniform shine.

Shake the bottle well. Apply evenly with a clean, dry cloth working in small areas in a circular, overlapping motion to ensure uniform coverage. Rub it in well; the polish works while wet, so reapply to the cloth as needed. Star Brite Aluminum Polish may be applied by hand or with a buffer.

Discoloration on the cloth indicates oxidation is being removed. Replace the cloth as often as needed to avoid rubbing oxidation back onto the clean surface.

Once the polish dries to a haze, buff the treated area with a clean, soft, dry cloth. Replace the cloth as needed.
Chalky, oxidized surfaces may require repeat applications.

Apply Star Brite Ultimate Aluminum Polish annually to reduce oxidation build-up for a lasting shine with minimal effort.


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