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Davis Small Vessel Radar Reflector

Product Description

Every small boat should have a radar reflector to give other small boats and ships a chance to see your boating fog and low visibility conditions. The Davis Radar Reflectors are compact, lightweight and economical units that can be quickly assembled
when required and then disassembled and stowed flat for storage.


  • The Davis Emergency Radar Reflector is a compact, lightweight and economical unit that disassembles and stows flat for storage. When needed, it pops open to 11.5″ diameter (29 cm) and installs in seconds. Its three perpendicular planes reflect radar from all directions.
  • Made of special plastic-metal foil laminate. Resists corrosion and peeling.


  • Echomaster™ Radar Reflector with marine-grade anodized plates.
  • Give ships a chance to see you in fog and low visibility. This model provides12 square meters of radar cross section. Ranked on of the best radar reflectors and rated superior by SRI after the most rigorous tests ever conducted on radar reflectors — some costing 10 times as much.
  • All our Echomaster models can be stored flat and assembled in minutes. The plates are made of sturdy, stamped 0.05 in. (1.3 mm) thick aluminum with riveted nylon corner latches for quick assembly or disassembly. Install around a backstay or make your own hanging bridle as described in the 16-page Radar Reflector Booklet included with Echomaster.

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