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Shakespeare® 8' VHF Grounded Antenna

Product Description

 Shakespeare's Style 5101 Centennial antenna is an 8' 6 dB End-fed design with matching stub. 8' antenna with a brass element and a smooth, high gloss, polyurethane
finish that won't turn yellow in the sun. Chrome-plated brass ferrule with standard 1"-14 thread. Includes 15' RG-58 cable and a PL-259 Connector Kit. The PL-259 connector isn't attached to VHF antenna for ease of install. 

  • One section, 8' (actual length: ±93")
  • DC ground: Yes-however, the antenna will read "Open Circuit" when tested with Ohm meter.
  • Brass and copper elements provide standard range and reception
  • Chrome-plated brass or nylon ferrule with standard 1: -14 thread provides for basic install
  • Smooth, durable, high-gloss white/fiberglass finish prevents yellowing
  • VSWR of <1.5:1 at 156.8 MHz
  • Utilizes 15’ RG 58 cable, PL-259 connector type, unless otherwise noted below*
  • 2-year warranty

Mount sold separately. 


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