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Plastimo IRIS 100 Hand Bearing Compasses

Product Description

 The Iris 100 is both a steering compass and a bearing compass.
Multi-position mounting: ideal for sailboats (light dinghy, sportsboat, habitable sailboat), small boats (kayak, canoe, fishing), or speedboats and semi-rigid boats due to its ability to dampen vibrations.

  • It can be mounted on any plane: vertical, horizontal flat, upside down...
  • It is removable because it is clipped onto a stirrup designed to avoid snagging the ropes and "grating" your fingers.
  • It is protected against shocks thanks to its collar and its flexible elastomer cap.
  • Floating.
  • Conical rose with double reading (vertical and horizontal).
  • Crew mounted on gimbal: the rose is always horizontal, regardless of the inclination of the mounting plane.
  • Equipped with 3 movable alidades.
  • Couple pivot / stone having made the reputation of longevity and precision of Plastimo compasses.
  • Floating 
  • Additional bracket: # 22477

Some Models include Diode lighting for even distribution and longevity. Low battery indication by LED flashing.
Powered by a standard 1.5 V battery type LR 03.

Exclusive Vibration Absorber system: minimum point of contact between the pivot and the plate.
Comes complete with protective cover, bracket and mounting screws.
5 year warranty

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