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Plastimo CONTEST 101 Compasses

Product Description

 The Contest 101 Plastimo compass is suitable for boats over 9m in length and features legendary accuracy and legibility. The ‘vibration absorber’ system maintains the compass’ accuracy in all conditions at any speed and the integrated LED bulb within the bowl provides an even spread of illumination.

Plastimo compasses feature a fully waterproof diaphragm that has extreme expansion and retraction capacity. This enables it to compensate the fluctuations in fluid volume caused by the differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure. Tested in the most extreme of conditions, these compasses will not leak or develop bubbles.

Mounted flush to a flat vertical bulkhead or on the mast (with optional mast mounting kit - sold separately).


  • It can be read from both the cockpit and inside the cabin.
  • Double graduation; vertical and horizontal.
  • Apparent card diameter is 4".
  • Lighting is built in the flange for superior light distribution, directly into the card.
  • Front access to light and compensation cell.
  • Functional Clinometer.
  • Extensive mounting possibilities, whatever the bulkhead thickness, either by securing from the cockpit side or from the cabin side, as anti-theft security.
  • Watertight assembly.
  • 12V DC lighting, corrosion-proof. The lifetime of bulbs: around 5000 hours


5 years manufacturers warranty

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