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F Series Heavy Duty Double Eye

Product Description

Polyform F-series cylindrical fenders are offered in as many as 12 different sizes to fit vessels ranging from the smallest dinghy up to commercial ships and Navy vessels.

F-series cylindrical fenders have set the standard for heavy duty fenders for close to 60 years. The newest generation are made by use of Polyform's unique, in-house developed and patented POLYMATIQ® technology.
Highest breaking strength is taken care of by the two multiple rib-reinforced rock solid ropeholds. Tested for strength and flexibility in temperatures ranging from -30oC to +50oC, these heavy duty fenders feature high abrasive resistance and high energy absorption (up to 3.8 ton meter for F-13), making them suitable for ships of up to 1500 ton d/w (F-13). In addition to be a must for recreational crafts and yachts, the F-series cylindrical fenders are widely used by
* Coast guard and navy vessels
* Pilot boats
* Commercial ships


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