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Davis Shockles™ LineSnubber™

Product Description

Shockles™ LineSnubber™ Shock Absorber 

  • Minimizes stress on ALL lines—or use on any boat!
  • Shockles are most commonly found around boats. They are often used as shock absorbers on dock lines and anchor lines to reduce loads, minimize chafe and increase safety. Shockles generally make life at the dock or at a mooring safer and more comfortable.
  • Progressive tension design means the further LineSnubber stretches, the greater its return force. The result is smooth action and moderated stress.
  • The patented internal line limiter is made of 2500 lb. (1140 kg) test nylon webbing. LineSnubber’s outer sheath is 3500 lb. (1590 kg) test tubular nylon webbing that is UV resistant to protect internal parts.
  • Shockles are strong, but they need to be rigged in-line so they never bear the full load alone. Six to 12″ (15-30 cm) of slack is recommended. Increase line slack between the attachment loops to a maximum of 12″ (30 cm) as loads increase.
  • LineSnubber has a maximum stretch of 16″ (40 cm) before the line limiter safely stops further stretching.
  • The slack line may be wrapped around LineSnubber to “neaten” it up.
  • Blue LineSnubber with two 316 Stainless Steel Clips. 20″ (51 cm) length when relaxed. Can stretch to a maximum length of 36″ (91 cm).

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