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Caframo " Fairview" Defogger

Product Description

Using the Fairview™ 12 Volt defogger with an auxiliary power connection, boaters can defog their windshield in just minutes. Easy installation with a sure grip suction cup or a permanent screw-down base. The genuine PTC ceramic element generates 340 BTUs of heat to defog your windshield quickly. The Fairview™ is entirely safe; warm to the touch but never hot. Takes up minimal space and draws just 8.3A.

Perfect for early mornings during shoulder seasons.
Defogs a windshield in minutes to get you on the water sooner. 
1-Year warranty.

  • 12V lighter plug connection
  • Fire retardant plastic
  • Sure-grip suction cup or permanent screw-down base
  • 340 BTUs of heat
  • Draws just 8.3A

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