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Fishtek Pot Light - Green

Product Description

Commercial fishing is a business. Fishers (like all businessmen) aim to maximize their profits in the shortest time possible. In doing this, outgoings (fuel, bait, food) and risks (gear damage and safety) are minimized allowing the potential profits to be maximized. When catch rates are low, time spent at sea increases and the profitability of the trip decreases.

Technological advancements in static gear fishing has predominantly focused on the fishing vessel capabilities, with increased power, range, communications, sophisticated sonar and GPS tracking to name a few. To date, little has changed in the way the gear fishes on the seabed. Potting today is still largely as it was at the turn of the century.

A number of exciting and game-changing studies from scientists around the world have found that introducing light in pots and traps can significantly increase catch rates of target species.


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