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Dr. Shrink® Heat Shrinking Tape

Product Description

Introducing the innovation from Dr. Shrink. The tape must be applied over pleats and seams created during the shrink wrapping procedure to secure welds. It covers and tape vents, doors, and other irregular surfaces. It works to repair holes in the shrink wrap, taped seams, and secure zipper access doors.

Heat Shrink securely seals to prevent water from entering, thus avoiding the formation of rust. Best in patching holes - a couple of wraps will do the fix. Unlike any other industrial tape, this product is not super sticky but works the same way. Overlap each wrap to prevent air gaps and folds.

Key Features:

  • Can fit the tightest bends

  • Crafted to meet the highest manufacturing specifications

  • With UV Inhibitors

  • Can be wrapped around hydraulic and water lines to shield heat


Dr. Shrink® is a full-service, full-circle supplier of premium shrink wrap and all installation supplies and accessories. Dr. Shrink strives to anticipate and innovate all their products and services to meet the needs of current and future customers. The Dr. Shrink staff is well trained, with each individual team member receiving individualized technical service training and hands-on training so you can rest assured, when you connect with them, you will be talking to the very best in the business.



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