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Bomar Commercial Non-Hinged Cast Aluminum Watertight Hatch

Product Description

Bomar Commercial Grade Series Hatches are rugged, watertight and mean business when it comes to commercial boating. Bomar’s Flush Watertight Series Hatches are commercial grade, built to last out of durable Almag-35 cast aluminum, with stainless steel hardware and t-handle. For nearly three decades Bomar, a division of Pompanette, LLC, has designed and manufactured the finest ports, hatches, windows, and doors for the marine industry. Since the beginning, the Bomar name has been synonymous with innovative design, flawless craftsmanship, and the highest quality materials. You will find that the Commercial Grade Series Watertight Deck Hatches live up to the respected Bomar name.

Bomar uses 535 magnesium hardened aluminum to construct our Commercial Grade Series watertight hatches. The raw almag-35 is heated to 1100 degrees F at the Bomar foundry and is then melted and poured into our proprietary cast molds. The Commercial Grade Series watertight hatches are professionally assembled in-house with 316L, marine grade, stainless steel  T-handle & fasteners.  Stainless steel is ideal for harsh marine environments due to it’s rust & corrosion resistance, strength and luster.

  • Heavy Duty 535 Magnesium Hardened Aluminum
  • Lightweight Combined with Strength & Durability
  • Natural Brushed Finish
  • Built & Tested for Harsh Marine Environments
  • Tested to be Watertight, Submerged to 30 FT (10M) Head Pressure Testing
  • Ergonomic Design Provides Under-Deck Space Savings
  • Allows for 180+ Degrees of Opening Angle
  • 316L for Rust & Corrosion Resistance
  • Provides Robust Dogging Action
  • 20-30% Lighter Than Competitors Without Sacrificing Strength & Durability
  • Interior & Exterior Escape Handle comes Standard
Hatch Opening Hole Cut Out O.D. of Deck Flange Extends Below Deck Shape Weight (lbs)
18″ (455 mm) 21″ (535 mm) 24 1⁄2″ (622 mm) 7-1⁄4″ (185 mm) Circle 28
15″ x 24″ (380 mm x 610 mm) 17 3⁄4″ x 26 3⁄4″ (450 mm x 680 mm) 21 3⁄4″ x 30 1⁄2″ (552 mm x 774 mm) 5″ (127 mm) Oval 34

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