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Rainbow Net & Rigging Limited is a commercial fishing outlet covering needs for, aquaculture, fishing apparel, buoys & floats, bait, trap and trawl fishing, fishing nets and all other aspects of commercial fishing and marine products. Our head office is located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Rainbow Net & Rigging Limited Site Contents Map:
Anchors - Wide selection of anchors from 22lbs to 3000 lbs. Standard Anchor For Ships That Encounter All Types Of Sea Bottoms. Advantages Of Dead Weight For Holding, And Ability To Bite In Mud And Sand. Rugged Construction, Simple Design, Easy Handling And Stowing.

Aquaculture Fin & Shell Fish - Mussel Rope - AQUACULTURE NET COVERS Made From Nylon Or Poly Netting, Various Mesh And Twine Sizes - Rectangular, Square, Round, Octagonal. With Or without Border. Rainbow Net & Rigging Limited started manufacturing nets for finfish aquaculture in the mid 80's throughout all of Atlantic Canada. Mussel ropes, mussel socks, mussel floats and net treatment services available.

Bait Bags & Bait Jars - Small Mesh Bait Bags Perfect For Keeping Sand Fleas Out And Bait In While Still Allowing The Scent Of The Bait Through To Attract Your Catch. Plastic Orange Bait Jars Ideal For Traps That Have Problems With Sand Fleas Eating The Bait. Nylon Bag, Draw String And Lock. Used For Lobster, Shrimp Or Crab. CLIPS For Nylon Bait Bags.

Buoys & Floats - Floats Have A Proven Successful Track Record In The Shellfish And Finfish Industry For Years. Also Available In Green & Red Colors. Seine Floats Are Excellent Value For Money. The Grommets Are A Part Of The Product From Stage One In The Production Cycle And Thus Form An Intergrated Part Of The Finished Product. THese Floats Are Light Weight, Have A Very High Tensile Strength And Do Not Absorb Any Water. THe Outstanding Elasticity Of The Material Provides A Float That Will Not Shrink, Deform Or Break.

Construction Safety Nets - Safety nets, barrier nets, truck cover nets, bridge nets and wire rope nets. A must have when people's lives are at stake. This secondary line of defence will help save lives from workers falling and debris falling down on people below. Applications include high rise construction, bridge construction and repair, roof replacement and repair, railroad bridges, shafts and openings, steel and concrete construction, and general fall protection. Don't take a chance, install a safety net!

Commercial Crab Traps - Our Manufactured Crab Pots Are Proven In The Waters Off Newfoundland, New Brunswick, PEI And Nova Scotia. We Use The Best Quality Material To Give A Superior, Longer-lasting Product. SPLICELESS CRAB ROPE, Specialty Fabricated For The Crab Fishing Industry This Rope Uses A Combination Of 20-25 Fathoms Of Poly/leaded Rope On Top Spliced To The Buoy, And The Remaining 75-80 Fathoms Of Floating Rope On Bottom. Crab cones available!

Marine Apparel & Workwear - Rainbow understands that comfort and mobility is important when on the job. Staying warm and dry is essential! This is why we stock only the best brands on the market; brands that have been tested in the most extreme conditions by the people that matter most... people like you, the end user. Helly Hansen, Ranpro and Guy Cotten are names trusted by professionals in the commercial fishing industry! If you're looking for foul weather clothing to work in, Rainbow has your answer. Comfort, durability along with long-lasting availability. Aprons & sleeves, boots and waders, coveralls, floater suits, gloves, hats & headgear, jackets, pants, safety vests and survival suits are just some of our available commercial fishing workwear products.

  Commercial Fishing Hardware - heavy duty shackles, rope grab pullers, weldless rings, galvanized screw bin bow shackles, hammerlocks, cargo hooks, masterlinks, brass codends, steel blocks, snatch blocks, wooden snatch blocks, lobster blocks and turn buckles are some of the items we stock.

Lobster Fishing Hardware - Lobster vinyl rings, lobster trap corners, lobster dog bone spinners, lobster hand ringers, cement ballast, styrofoam floats, lobster clip guns, custom made lobster traps, lobster cold water bands and more!

Fish Boxes & Totes - We carry live transport containers and tote boxes.

Fishing Nets (Seines & Traps) - We carry delta, nylon and poly netting in various mesh sizes and breaking strengths. We carry lobster PE orange netting, Brezline netting and knotless nylon netting all cut to customer specifications. We also carry pro hockey netting.

Ropes - We carry a variety of ropes for commercial fishing requirements including, Everhaul sinking rope, 8-strand poly rope, manila rope, PE rope, cordsteel rope, Esterprop sinking rope, superpro rope, nylon braided rope, seine leadline, shock bungee cord, twisted nylon and corkline float ropes. All ropes have various sizes and tensile strengths.

Scallop Fishing - We carry a varitely of scallop fishing accessories including, scallop link closure tools, scallop snap rings, tan strand steel wire towing cable and scallop rope backs.

Sports Nets (hockey, soccer, golf, tennis) - Rainbow Sports Nets is a division of Rainbow Net & Rigging Limited. The company specializes in sports nets. Whatever your sport... we have your net... some of our regular products are listed, but we do manufacture other nets for lacrosse, water polo volleyball, and golf. If you're looking for a driving net for golf or a barrier net for soccer, we are the specialists! Pro hockey nets, multi sports catcher nets, gold driving net enclosures, golf barrier nets, hockey barrier netting, soccer nets and tennis nets are among our most popular.

Trawl Fishing - Over the many years in business, we have built a solid repution in design, development and manufacturing of trawls and trawl accessories. If you are looking to replace an existing trawl or try a new design, contact us first. There are far but few trawls we have not manufactured, this rigging shop has rigged them all! Trawl nets, shrimp nets, full wing flounder trawls and bottom trawls all designed to customer specifications!

Wire Ropes (AirCraft Cable, Trawl Wire) - Rainbow "Tan Strand" Galvanized Steel Wire Rope, greased with a poly core. Lengths cut to customer's needs and spooled on wooden reels. Proven by Fishermen to be "longest lasting # 1 choice in trawl and scallop cables". Pre-marked with or without eyes or thimbles. We also carry polyclad / combination wire rope and galvanized aircraft cable, the latter has become an accepted industry term for small diameter construction rope not intended for aircraft use but designed for inductrial marine applications.

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