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Blue Sea Systems ATD Automatic Timer Disconnect

Product Description

This Blue Sea Power Disconnect module will automatically disconnect electrical devices to preserve battery power. It can be triggered by low voltage, by a preset timer or removal of a 12VDC signal. Time and low voltage options can be turned off to allow for 12VDC signal base disconnect.

Can be configured to be used as one of the following battery saving products

Timer Disconnect

  • 12V signal triggers relay to connect battery power to devices
  • When signal is removed the timer is activated and will disconnect devices after a preset time
  • Timer ranges from 15 minutes to 4 hours

Low Voltage Disconnect

  • 12V signal triggers relay to connect battery power to devices.
  • After 12V signal is removed, device senses low battery voltage and automatically disconnects devices.
  • Low voltage setting can be used in conjunction with Timer Disconnect. Low voltage will disconnect devices prior to preset time to preserve battery power

Automatic Charging Relay

  • Automatically combines two batteries when charging, and isolates them when discharging
  • Single side sensing design only monitors the voltage of the start battery
  • Ideal for auxiliary batteries that are AGM or significantly larger than the start battery


  • 12V signal will connect or disconnect relay without any time delay


Nominal Voltage 12V DC
Amperage Operating Current 175mA (closed)
4mA (open)
Terminal Stud Torque 140 in-lb (15.82 Nm)
Continuous Rating  120A
Intermittent Rating  210A (5 Min)
Cable Size to Meet Ratings 1 AWG (50mm²)
Charge Sense Connect 13.0V (3 sec)
Charge Sense Disconnect 12.75V (10 sec)
Disconnect Time 5 sec, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 1.5 hr, 2hr, or 4hr
Input Voltage Range 9.5-16V
Low Voltage Disconnect 11.0V (10 sec)
11.5V (10 sec)
12.0V (10 sec)
Maximum Cable Size 1/0 AWG (50mm²)
Stud Material Tinned Copper
Terminal Ring Diameter Clearance 1.12in (28.45 mm)
Terminal Stud Size 3/8"-16 (M10)
Over Voltage Lockout 16.0V (5 sec)
Weight 1.25lb (0.57 kg)



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